Support Someone, or Be Supported In A Simple and Effective Way

Sprout Network is a Care Platform that works to create a connection between someone needing a little extra support, and the community that can provide it.

Who Is It For?

Perhaps its a family with a child in and out of the hospital.  Maybe its someone who is caring for a sibling, or a parent, and has little time for their own care, or maybe someone who has fallen on hard economic times.  Everyone has their own unique struggles and when times are tough, it truly takes a village to help raise someone up.  We will strive to be a part of that village, and we hope you can too!

Become A Community Partner

A community partner is a business that already creates products and services that could be beneficial to a family facing a difficult time. Services such as

Health And Wellness

From spa services to therapy, and even personal fitness. Enable someone to recharge their life battery.

Hot Meals and Delivery

A hot meal showing up at your door, or hospital when there is too much on your shoulders to cook.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning packages that could help remove the stress of a messy house during a challenging time.

If this describes your business, or you know of one that would be a great fit, we would like to talk with you.

How Can You Help?

Its often the simple things that make the most impact.

Give the Gift of Your Time

Offer to spend a little bit of your time to help your loved ones with their day to day responsibilities, or to help provide them with a little break and allow them to focus on thier immediate needs and wellbeing.

Gather a Group to Support Someone

Maybe you have a group of people that wants to do something for someone in your life. We provide a way that you can come together effectively to support the people you care about.

Give the Gift of a Care Package

Many businesses in the community already provide the products and services to enable support of people. A meal service, cleaning packages, relaxing spa services are a few examples. Buy one today and have it sent to your loved one.

Make a General Contribution

Maybe you do not know of anyone in your life who needs additional support right now, but still want to help. Help us support struggling families by contributing to our Care Fund 100% of your contribution will go to supporting families.

Do You Have Time or the Ability to Assist a Family In Need?

Sometimes families experience extreme challenges.  The kind of challenges where we don’t know how we’re going to manage.  We are looking for people to help take care of some light tasks that lift heavy burdens off of families in need.  Maybe you are a book keeper and can help some through their taxes.  Maybe you are able to deliver groceries for someone in your area or are handy and are willing to do some house fix ups. Whatever it is, there may be a need out there for how you are willing to help.

For any inquiries, please email