Do you know someone going through a difficult time?

We are partnering with businesses and organizations, utilizing their services to create Care Packages, giving you a simple and effective means of supporting someone in your life.  

Currently Seeking Community Partners in
Edmonton and Area
Calgary and Area

How Can You Help?

Its often the simple things that make the most impact.

Give the Gift of Your Time

Offer to spend a little bit of your time to help your loved ones with their day to day responsibilities, or to help provide them with a little break and allow them to focus on thier immediate needs and wellbeing.

Gather a Group to Support Someone

Maybe you have a group of people that wants to do something for someone in your life. We provide a way that you can come together effectively to support the people you care about.

Give the Gift of a Care Package

Many businesses in the community already provide the products and services to enable support of people. A meal service, cleaning packages, relaxing spa services are a few examples. Buy one today and have it sent to your loved one.

Make a General Contribution

Maybe you do not know of anyone in your life who needs additional support right now, but still want to help. Help us support struggling families by contributing to our Care Fund 100% of your contribution will go to supporting families.

Become A Community Partner

So many businesses and organizations already create products and services that could be beneficial to someone facing a difficult time.  If this describes your business, we would like to talk with you.  Being a community partner is a win-win-win, for a person needing support, your business, and our mission.  

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