We are working to simplify in-kind giving in the community.

The definition of in-kind giving is; paid or given in goods, commodities, or services instead of money.

Goods we've helped to distribute into the community


Hooded Sweaters




Pairs of Socks


Cloth Masks


Rain Coats


Healthy Meals

Provide Tangible Impact

While a monetary donation remains a great way to help an organization, there is also a strong need for tangible goods and services that will directly benefit the people of the community. Ie. clean socks, hygiene products, winter gear, and medical items.

For Community Organizations

Do you represent or work for a community agency that receives, supplies, and distributes in-kind goods?  If you are looking for ways to improve upon your processes and the value you are able to deliver, get in touch and let us work with you to find solutions to your most urgent problems of your in-kind program.

For People Looking to Help

Donate In A New Way

Local front line organizations do tremendous work in getting goods to people who need them.  Browse local campaigns find one that you can take immediate action on. 

Browse Campaigns

Sponsor Essential Items

Is your business looking for alternatives in giving and community building initiatives?  Become engaged by sponsoring essential items needed by the community.

Learn What Is Needed

Crowdfund Needed Items

Become a champion for a local organization.  Gather a group of friends or family and help provide essential items that are needed by our most vulnerable.

Create Campaign

For Local Businesses

Do you represent or work for a business that would love to become more integrated into the needs of your community?  We provide you with simple and effective ways to provide your product or services to organizations in the area that need support for the community.  Become part of the network of community support today.  Free to sign up and we help promote your business through good.

For any inquiries, please email