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We have big plans!  Making them a reality is going to take time, but that is ok with us.  Were here to change things up a bit, and to reinvent the concept of community care.

Phase 1 - Care Market

Phase 2 - Caregiver Benefits Program

Phase 3 - Resource Network

We are creating a platform that engages caring individuals to purchase products and services of local businesses for people in their life going through difficult times.  A meal service, groceries, a clean house, even a day at the spa.  Because when we can we lift people up when they are down, we as a community become more resilient.

Things are heating up!  We are pushing our efforts into community advocacy even further.  Imagine a community that recognized family caregivers as integral pillars of our healthcare system (they are).  We are creating a benefits program that will assist in their day to day life, from simple discounts on products they typically buy, to banking solutions that work specifically for their life.

We have established a strong connection up to this point with informal care support. This phase is where we push the grassroots movement up towards the formal system.  We will curate and organize formal support information for ease of access and understanding and create tools for healthcare care professionals, local charities administrators, and government health workers to more effectively support the caregivers in a more connected way.