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There has never been a more crucial time where every single community member needs to work together.  The challenges that society in general face are unprecedented, and for some people it is devastating.  We believe there is magic when community is able to come together to support people facing difficult times.  

We are creating a collaborative network of front line organizations, businesses and donors to proactively manage the community’s most needed goods.  

Why Should You Join

What if we could help your business, while helping the community?

Its no secret that big things happen when the community works together.  Become better connected to groups within the community that are actively working to make it better.  Your business becomes part of the supply chain ‘Powered For Good’, and your brand becomes known in the community of social good.

Purchasing by the younger generations is becoming more cause driven. As businesses and organizations work together, there will be the network effect.  Business will flow from organizations wanting to purchase items, donors that want to purchase your products for a local organization, or people within the community that are supporting your business just because of your involvement in the network.  

Businesses are always looking to help out in the community.  Sometimes they will donate or raise money for a specific charity.  We are giving them another option to help supply an organization with the goods that it needs.  

When you do inventory, chances are there are some items that you need to clear out.  Whether you donate these goods or sell them at discount.  We can take any inventory you do not want, and will distribute it to organizations that will use it.  Conventionally this may be difficult to arrange as not all organizations have the capacity to store a lot.  We can faciliate the temporary placement of goods so multiple organizations can  have access.  Your business all of a sudden becomes a partner to one or many front line organizations.

A problem with many in-kind programs is that goods are given that are not needed at a particular point of time.  Giving something might be a good gesture, but truthfully it becomes a burden on the receiving organization if they don’t need the good.  We validate needs of goods through our front line partners and distribute the goods where they are truly needed.

You will gain access to a impact dashboard where you can track and observe the impact that your contributions are having within the community.  

Help Us Take Action on Community Needs

We work with local organizations to understand what is needed to support the community.  They publish an ‘Urgent Items List’ and  is compiled in our database along with all of the other organizations in the community to get a general snapshot at any given point.  This enables us to implement efficiencies in giving and management of the goods.  

Community Needs

You will have access to the live community needs database that will always be kept current by the front line organizations that need goods or services.

Embeddable List

You will have the option to embed a specific needed items list directly into your site for increased exposure.

Your Customers can take Action

Let your customers support their community, through your product or service.

Register Your Business

There are so many things that organizations could use to help their community members or improve their operation.  If your business has a product or service that organizations could benefit from in a time of need sign up below and become part of the network of support.  Your level of involvement is up to you.  Whether you will become a trusted partner to buy goods and services from, help spread the need to your community, or donate a product or service to fill a need, we want to talk to you.

Physical Goods

Food and Grocery

Clothes and Textiles

Hygiene and Cleaning

Health And Wellness

Vehicle Services

Living and Storage

Cleaning Services


And so many other possibilities!!

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to message us.

Community Recognition

The name of ‘Sprout’ comes from the belief that when we are nurtured and cared for through difficult times, we are given opportunity to reach our potential.  This belief can be re-enforced through community coming together for the support of our most vulnerable citizens.  We aspire to help collaboratively lift people up, while creating benefits for local businesses.

Store Front Signage

Let your customers know that you support your community and encourage more engagement.

Website Recognition

Let you online customers see how you support your community.

Rewards Program

Tell your customer that you reward community giving.
'Give more - Get More'

Enable a 'Digital Donation Box'

We are increasingly moving to a digital economy.  There is less in store interaction and more online purchasing.  This could mean that the donation box that you have set up in your store, isn’t seen as much as it used to be.  We are bringing this concept in line with the digital economy, and enabling your customers to support organizations in the community, through the purchase of your products.

E-commerce Plugin

Integrate this into your ecommerce platform with a simple plug in.

Community Need

Plug in functionality is tied to the community need database, so only the goods that are needed, are requested.

Enable Rewards

Reward your customers when they give more.

So You Decide to Join, How Can You Help?

There are many things you do to ensure community is looked after.  Here are some of the things that we can help facilitate.

  • Donate Products

    Do you have any kind of product that you could donate? Whether the products are new, gently used, overstock or even return goods we will match the goods with the need. If you are trying to clear your warehouse, let us take it off your hands. When the goods are matched, you will receive a donation receipt.

  • Start A Care Campaign

    Check out the needs of the local organizations and start a campaign to help promote and gather goods.

  • Share What Is Needed

    Help share and promote efforts of the front line organizations that are working to make our community better. We will help get people talking and rally the community partner to join the efforts.

Impact Dashboard

When you sign up with us you will get access to your own community impact dashboard that will track every need of the community and every product or service you donate.  The system will give notify you when a community need matches with the criteria in which you are able to help.

Community Needs

Get an overview of the most needed goods in the community and take action immediately.

Schedule Donations

Schedule any donations for pick up or drop off.

Create A Rewards Program

Part of our 'Give More, Get More' community rewards program. Create rewards to encourage community giving.

Returns / Overstock

Register your return or overstock goods with us for immediate donation or purchase and placement within the community. Let us take your excess inventory off your hands.

We are Currently Seeking Community Partners in
Edmonton and Area
Calgary and Area

Become a Community Partner

If want to become part of our community and promote your service in a unique way

Register Here

Refer a Community Partner

If you know of a local business who would be great to have on this platform

Refer Them Here


We have worked with the following businesses to deliver needed goods into the community.  Sign up below to be part of this growing network of good!

Through Stormtech’s, Nature for Nurture fund, they have committed to donating 1% of their global sales in the form of product to organizations in the community.  We are working with Stormtech to help identify needs within the community that could accept their product, and provide them with an effective way to donate.  Recently, The United Way of the Alberta Capital Region identified some needs that they could help deliver in the Edmonton region and Stormtech is delivering in a big way.


Hooded Sweaters




Pairs of Socks


Cloth Masks


Rain Coats

At the beginning of the pandemic, a campaign was created to provide meals for families at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.  Through the campaign, money was raised for over a hundred pre made healthy meals from Bite Me Meals who also stepped up and donated another 100 for a total of 230 meals.


Healthy Meals