Sponsor Care Packages on Behalf of Your Business

We have created a new type of initiative that we hope you can be a part of.

How You Can Help

  • Let Us Help Support Your Employees

    Maybe one of your employees is facing some difficult challenges and you want to let them know you care. We can help facilitate a Care Package and deliver it to them from you.

  • Work With Us To Give Back To The Community

    You have some money for community giving programs and are looking for a new initiative to give to. Provide the funds to purchase care packages for families in the community needing assistance. You will have the choice in what kind of Care Package is delivered.

Examples of Care Packages

Frozen Meals

Having a prepared meal saves time and removes stress during a challenging time.

Hot Meals and Delivery

A hot meal showing up at your door, or hospital when there is too much on your shoulders to cook.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning packages that could help remove the stress of a messy house during a challenging time.

Health And Wellness

From spa services to therapy, and even personal fitness. Enable someone to recharge their life battery.

Vehicle Maintenance

Necessary maintenance to ensure a families vehicle is reliable.

In addition to supporting a family who needs help, you are also helping support another local business.

Do you have any questions? Send us a note at hello@sproutnetwork.ca