Create A Campaign

Let us help manage your next fundraising initiative.  We provide the crowdfunding platform to make it easy for your supporters, while simultaneously working with community partners to facilitate the delivery of your campaign goal. 

Our relationship with the community partners will help maximize the benefit that the campaign provides.  For example, by partnering with a particular grocery provider, we can facilitate discounts and support from them to help contribute to your cause, while supporting a local business.

We offer a platform you can accept all of your supporters contributions.  Payment security is paramount, which is why we use Stripe payments, an internationally recognized payment provider.

No Need To Email Transfer. We provide a secure platform for you to collect contributions with many payment options

Payment security is important. We utilize Stripe, an internationally recognized payment solutions integrator.

Multiple payment options. Easily accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even pay from your bank account.

What Kind Of Campaigns?

Create a campaign for whatever you need.  Whether you are crowdfunding for meals, gift cards for coffee, clothing or anything else, we will work with you to help reach your goal.

Meals for Hospital Families

While in hospital, its difficult to prioritize healthy eating. Quick and convenient is important, especially when its difficult to leave your child’s side. Gather the community to raise money to cover a families meals for a week or even month.

Groceries For Someone In Need

Many people face food insecurity in our community. What if you could provide weekly grocery deliveries to help them eat. Or maybe someone you know is struggling with an addiction and you want help them in some way. Crowdfund for a grocery service and order in the same platform.

Pay For A Specialized Therapy

Sometimes the standard therapy treatments for people with disabilities and medical conditions just don't cut it. Out of the box thinking and specialized therapy needs to be considered, but it can come at a great cost.

Accessible Home Renovations

Sometimes the homes we live in are not ideal for our personal circumstances. Moving may not be an option. Organize a campaign to pay for renovations to help make a house more accessible and we will mobilize the contractor to get started.

And Others. Make a Suggestion

Let us know what you wanted to create a campaign for and we will work with you connect with a community partner to help facilitate your final goal.

How It Works

  • Register Your Campaign

    Tell the story of your campaign. Why are you creating it. Identify what you want to help fund.

  • Share With Your Community

    After your campaign goes live, share the link with anyone in your circle that can help get the campaign one step closer to the goal. We will help get people talking and rally a relevant community partner to join the efforts.

  • Take Action

    Once you have reached your goal, you will have two options. Request the money directly or purchase needed items through our platform at a discount. For example, if you were raising money to buy groceries, no need to go shopping anywhere else. Purchase right off of Sprout Network and have it delivered directly to the recipient.

Request Help For Yourself, Someone You Know, or a Local Organization

Sometimes we can’t do it alone.  We need people that are willing to step up and help us with some of our challenges.  The important thing to know, it is OK to ask for help.  We will work with you to help manage your campaign, and provide you with the crowdfund platform so you can focus on gathering support!  Fill out as much as you can in the form below and we will be in contact.