Let Love Grow

We believe love and positivity can grow. We also believe negativity and hate can grow.  We see this more then ever right now.  We want to share the great things that are happening in our community, big or small, and let the love grow.

So what are we going to do to encourage love and how can you help?

We are launching a new community initiative to highlight the positivity that is planted in our community. We are putting together a digital mosaic of thousands of pictures, submitted by you, to create a picture of Edmonton like the one below (picture may change). 

Its about acknowledging, encouraging, and sharing the good that exists in our lives and in our community.  Its about telling a story of something important to someone.  Its the kind deed that lifts someone’s spirit.  A kid graduating and embracing a new journey.  A fundraiser that lifts up our most vulnerable.  It’s saying hi, and smiling to a stranger.  It’s the group of community members advocating for change and a better future.  It’s local businesses that are going the extra mile. 

The big picture is actually made up of thousands of smaller experiences that each make our community a little better.

To contribute a picture to the mosaic, please consider donating below.  All money collected will be distributed to the ‘Let Love Grow’ fund.  Details below.  To make this initiative more inclusive, if you are not able to financially donate anything, but still want to spread the love that is perfectly fine as well!  Submit a photo.

The mosaic will be available digitally to anyone who donates.  It can be zoomed in to each individual picture.  Also, each individual picture can have data entered into it so you can share your business URL and any service you provide as a unique way to advertise.  Once the mosaic is completed, we will give you the option to embed the full digital picture onto your website, or buy a print (for an additional cost).

We are also taking this to social, sharing the pictures we receive to the campaign social media feeds, @letlovegrowyeg.

What Kind Of Pictures Can You Submit?

A Kind Deed

A picture of you or someone you know someone who is doing good things in their community.

Promote A Business

Many businesses are going the extra mile lately. Recognize one with a picture submission.

A Simple Group Photo

Share a photo with your closest friends and family

The Spirit of Edmonton

Submit a photo that you feel represents your community

Something You Are Celebrating

Share a photo you love that showcases an effort or recent event you are celebrating.

To Tell a Story

Maybe the photo tells a story and you want to share it with the world

How It Works

  • Buy A Spot on the Mosaic

    Buy a spot on the mosaic for $10 or contribute as much as you would like.

  • Provide A Picture For The Mosaic

    The picture can be anything you feel reflects the values of our community and of Edmonton. *Please note we reserve the right to not choose a picture if it is inappropiate or doesn't reflect the spirit of Edmonton

  • Share With Your Community

    After you submit your photo, share the link with anyone in your circle would want to be included in the digital mosaic.

  • The Funds Are Distributed

    After we collect enough pictures to go live with the mosaic, all of the funds that are collected will be used to purchase needed items for Edmonton organizations. Things like food hampers for the food bank, socks and clothes for the local shelters, and toys for the kids staying at the children's hospital. Whatever is needed by these organizations will be cataloged in our community need database and distributed when it becomes possible to do so.

  • Check Out on Social and Share Away!

    We are sharing all of the photos and stories sent to us on the social feeds @letlovegrowyeg on facebook and instagram.

Become A Sponsor

Would you like to sponsor this initiative?  Partner with us in spreading positivity in the community.

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