Request Help From A Care Partner

We all face some challenges now and then.  Sometimes we can’t do it alone. The important thing to know, it is OK to ask for help.  Fill out the form below and wait back for a response.

How It Works

  • Request For Help

    Identify your specific need and request help in the form below.

  • Care Request Is Posted On Community Board

    If you choose to have your profile public, it will be listed on the Care Request directory. All posts will remain anonymous. Click on the icon to see examples. If you chose to keep it private, we will work to find a Care Partner that can help you.

  • Care Partner Answers Your Call For Help

    After browsing through the Care Requests, the Community Member will take action to the specific need you list. If you chose to keep your request private, after we match your request with a Care Partner, they will get in contact with you.

  • Take Action

    They will be given one of two options. If your Care Request doesn't require two way communication, they will be able to facilitate support immediately (buy and send a grocery package). If the request is more specific, they will be able to enter into a secure messaging portal that you communicate directly to them on the specific nature of your needs.