Find Places To Give In-Kind

How It Works

  • Purchase an item you want to donate

    Like any other ecommerce transaction, except your purchase goes to an organization that needs this item.

  • Share your purchase with your community

    Share the organizations need and how others can help, like you just did.

  • Organization receives the item directly from the vendor

    You don't need to drive anywhere, or go into any store to help support your local organizations in a way that isnt money.

  • Potential to receive a tax receipt

    Most organizations provide a tax receipt for the donation of in-kind items, if the value exceeds $20. Some organizations or groups will not be able to issue a tax receipt. It will be clearly stated in the product page if one can be provided.

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No posts found!

Organization Needed Items

We are compiling a ‘community need’ database to track what is needed and when.  For now, feel free to go to any of the organizations websites and check out all of the items they need.

Organization Name
Needed Items URL
Website URL
Phone Number
Contact Name
YESSYouth Shelter, Alberta780.468.7070
Mustard SeedPoverty and Homelessness Support;, Alberta780.426.5600
Lurana ShelterFamily Violance Support Services, Alberta780-293-9516Demo
Sage Seniors SocietySeniors Support, Alberta(780) 701-901
A Safe PlaceA shelter for abused women and children Park, Alberta587.990.9422
Edmonton Food BankFood Bank;, Alberta780 425 2133
NAITSA Food ServicesEmergency Food Assistance, Alberta780.471.8938Valentina
Tools For School (United Way)School Supplies Assistance (United Way) Capital Region
WIN HouseA shelter for abused women and children, Alberta 780.471.6709
Bissel CenterPoverty and Homelessness Support, Alberta780-423-2285
Basically BabiesProviding in need newborns with care packages, Alberta(780) 989-0180
Terra CenterPregnant Teen Support and Empowerment, Alberta780-428-3772
Women In Need SocietyVulnerable Woman and Children Support
Strathcona Food BankFood Bank Park, Alberta780-449-6413
No Woman WithoutProviding Feminine Products to women in need,
Zebra CenterSupport for Child Abuse Victims, Alberta780-421-2385
Wings Of ProvidenceWomens Shelter, Alberta780-426-4985
Boyle Street Community ServicesCommunity Supports For Vulnerable Populations, Alberta(780) 424-4106
Edmonton Emergency Relief ServicesEmergency Relief Assistance, Alberta(780) 428-4422

Get Your Organizations Needs Listed

Are you looking for additional ways to reach people in the community that can donate the items your organization needs?  We will help market these requests and provide people with a simple way to take action.  Whether you are a local non-profit, charity, or municipality support group,  we can become your in-kind gift partner.

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We provide a new marketing and sales channel for your business, while creating a more effective way for organizations to receive the items they need.  Once signed up, you can create a care package that any organization or individual will be able to purchase.

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